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The fit: CHARLIE is a round neck sweatshirt with long sleeves. Its cut is straight and neutral, its cuffs are elasticated and ribbed, as well as the hems at the bottom of the sweatshirt where you can subtly discover the G&M monogram branded on the front.

The silhouette: CHARLE is a boyish sweatshirt that offers a casual, trendy and feminine silhouette. We fall for its city and homewear look at the same time, the self-confidence it gives us and this intense feeling of well-being. Favorite piece but also iconic piece of the collection, it integrates the line of Grace & Mila essentials with its discreet charm that we like so much!

We like to wear it with: An oversized blouse and shorts, a satin skirt, or even a total look for a very fashionable homewear look to go outside. We love this concept of feeling good everywhere that highlights the woman and her personality!


100% Cotton